From June 1-th, 2023, our Centre of Experimental and Clinical Regenerative Medicine (CEKRM) at UVLF in Košice started cooperation with the private Veterinary Clinic Kvetná in Levice, formed by a team of 4 veterinarians under the leadership of MVDr. Nina Sviteková. The ambulance is primarily focused on companion animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots and reptiles. Ambulance specializes in internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. Hard tissue surgery is provided externally by MVDr. Jakub Faga.

Employees of VETERINARY AMBULANCE KVETNÁ in cooperation with our Centre of Experimental and Clinical Regenerative Medicine at UVLF in Košice are starting to apply innovative methods of treatment using bioactive molecules with regenerative potential, which we isolate from stem cells of animal tissues in our center. After detailed genomic and proteomic characterization of stem cells, it is possible to use sterile prepared bioactive molecules in the treatment of damaged soft and hard tissues, treatment of dry eye, but also in chronic kidney failure and spinal cord trauma. The first pilot studies recorded favorable therapeutic effects.

This cooperation will make it possible to expand the number of patients for whom we will provide access to the most modern treatment, especially in cases where standard therapy is unsuccessful. We believe that we will help improve the quality of life, partially or completely regenerate damaged tissues and extend the time spent together with our pets.


During 2022, CECRM employees actively participated in conferences organized by UVMP in Košice and the Chamber of Veterinary Doctors – Hygiena Alimentorum XLII and XX. Congress of the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of the Slovak Republic.


During the unfavorable epidemiological situation, staff members as well as doctoral students of the centre participated in various webinars and in cooperation with the Institute of Neuroimmunology of Slovak Academy of Sciences, v. v. i, they organized virtual conferences.

CECRM scientific conferences – co-organizer:

  • home virtual conference – YOUNG NEUROSCIENTISTS AND CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH: 2021 Virtual Conference of Young Neurobiologists and PhD Students.

The outputs were published in a peer-reviewed collection. A total of 12 lectures were given by young Slovak and foreign neuroscientists, doctoral students, as well as doctors (80 participants) from several important research centers who presented ground-breaking results related to neuroscience, neurology and neuroimmunology.


CECRM scientific conferences – co-organizer:

  • domestic – VIRTUAL CONFERENCE OF YOUNG NEUROBIOLOGIST AND PhD STUDENTS 2020, during which interesting presentations were also heard by our PhD students.
  • international – AXON REPAIR MIAMI 2020, which was attended by world laboratories in the field of regenerative medicine.

Fallin Walls Lab 2020 – Ph.D. students Filip Humeník, D.V.M. and Zuzana Vikartovská, D.V.M., B.Sc. achieved significant success as finalists representing CECRM and UVMP in Košice.